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Our Services

We currently offering two types of studies, a syndicated study and a focused study.

A syndicated study is a cost effective way to utilize the power of fMRI where we combine stimuli, whether it be print or video advertisements to get a taste of the insight fMRI technology has to offer.  We limit the active material to a time span of 10 minutes in total.  When we receive the data it will be compiled as a visual package consistent with common techniques utilized in academic research.  A complete evaluation and analysis of the raw data cross referenced with thousands of research articles provide rich data that will allow us to provide solutions to issues in advertisements.  

A focused study is an intense study of your brand and your advertisements utilizing the more advanced features that can be combined with the fMRI machine such as eye tracking and heart rate monitoring.  Sessions are based around how you choose to run them and will require up to 45 minutes of raw material which will follow similar protocol as those found in academic papers.  A full presentation filled with analysis of the data gathered will be generated and suggestions to improve the engagement of the audience will be individually processed.